We are NOT estate agents.

We strive to use recent technology to make developed property-search as easy as possible. The listings that you see on our website (www.search4rooms.com  ) are placed by people like you and some estate agents.

It is YOU who will be contacted regarding the property/accommodation that you listed and NOT Search4rooms.

You list your apartments for free on our website except of course if you intend showing it on our Home Page. You can also place Sponsored Ads on any/all of the 6 Ad-Blocks on our Home Page.

We protect your contact details but release them only to serious seekers.

We show the information about available apartments in Nigeria to a larger audience. Therefore Landlords, Estate Agents, Hotel Managers, Students, Home owners, and Tenants can use our platform to either Publish their apartments to let or Search for existing apartments anywhere in Nigeria. You do not have to pay different agents fees before seeing the apartments or having a search, we have got all that you need; Pictures, Description, State, and even the Street, Just click anywhere on the Map.

www.search4rooms.com is owned by Search4rooms Nigeria Limited (RC 1006951). We are dedicated to creating an effective and easy-to-use platform for Landlords/Estate Agents and Tenants to meet each other for a common goal of renting an accommodation or property anywhere in Nigeria. Our search results are narrowed down to street level making it easier for the room searcher to understand the geography better.

www.search4rooms.com was launched on the 31st December, 2011.

We are now live. You are welcome to publish your apartments to let for free on this website. If you are seeking for an apartment anywhere in Nigeria, kindly register to subscribe to a search criteria. This enables search4rooms to automatically notify you when that room or flat becomes available.