* As a landlord, finding and managing tenants can be time consuming, expensive, and tedious. You probably need a reputable agent to manage your property.


  1. Do not include your contact in the "Description" field, do that only in the "Contact Information" field so that only serious and registered subscribers will contact you. This will minimize fake calls.
  2. Do a market appraisal to acertain the rent the property will yield per year.
  3. Come up with a suitable tenancy agreement.
  4. As a landlord state the type of tenant you want for example you may state that you need a married or single or a non smoking tenant etc.
  5. Try to find out what your prospective tenant does for a living. You can do this politely in your reply email or telephone conversation.
  6. Go through the tenancy agreement before giving your consent.
  7. Make sure to reply the messages sent to you by room searchers or prospective tenants. Remember that they took the pains to subscribe and write you a message.
  8. Endeavour to include nice pictures of the real apartment. The better the quality, the more impressed the tenants will be and the higher rating that your advert will score.