1. You should not give anyone money without signing a contract with the landlord or agent.


2. Be sure you know and understand what you are paying for.


3. Visit the apartment to be sure that it exist before making any payment.


4. Consider how secure the area is.


5. Findout if the place is close to the public transport as well as other amnities before negotiating the property's rent.


6. make sure the property is in order before u move in


7. Cross-check the rent details, like how much is involve, when it is due or when to pay, who to pay the money to and how do you pay it.


8. Before signing any document with the landlord/agent, take time to go through the document thoroughly if possible get a professional advice.


9. Collect key(s) to the apartment immediately after signing contract/payment.


10. Make sure you get a copy of the signed contract and receipt for payment.